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Progress Adviser Formal Teacher Evaluation Software Features

  • Custom Walk-Thrus
    Customize Walk-Thru goals and criteria
    Custom Walk-Thrus
    Progress Adviser includes a completely custom Walk-Thru system.
    Any Process
    Progress Adviser supports informal Walk-Thrus and at the same time, providing one system to track and aggregate data (separately) for each of these unique processes.

    Our system gives you the power to define, measure and track virtually any observable data that you want to capture.
    Screenshot of Any Process
    Screenshot of Goal tracking feature
    Any Walk-Thru Goal
    Progress Adviser allows you to establish and track any Walk-Thru goal that you want to.

    Districts set strategic goals to meet state requirements and reflect the local community. Schools can build upon district goals by setting site-specific goals that target their entire campus, specific departments and individual staff. And individual staff can add personalized goals that are unique to their classroom.
    Any Strategy
    Progress adviser allows you to support and track any strategy that the district or school is focusing on.

    Some examples might include but are not limited to, Common Core, Instructional Strategies, SDAIE ELD Strategies, WASC Accreditation, and more.
    Screenshot of Strategy tracking feature
    Screenshot of Staff Feedback feature
    Any Staff
    Progress Adviser is the only system that allows feedback for the entire school community.

    Create goals, give feedback and determine professional development needs based on supervisor walk-thrus, peer reviews and self-analysis.
    Any Criteria
    Progress Adviser allows you to define and set the criteria and proficiency level that you want to use to track your data. Criteria can be very simple, like "Observed" or "Not Observed" or, it can be a refined, 5-point rubric, or anything in between. With our system, you define how the feedback will be given to your staff.
    Screenshot of Criteria feature
  • Formal Evaluations
    Two complete systems in one!
    Formal Evaluations
    Progress Adviser gives you an evaluation system for your whole staff.
    Formal Process screenshot
    Formal Process (Optional)
    Progress Adviser offers a complete Formal Evaluation system that can be used, upon request, at no additional cost!

    Depending on how your evaluation process may be negotiated, this feature is completely optional and can be turned on, or off, to fit your district’s specific needs.

    You get it all, for one low price! It's like getting two systems for the price of one!
    Formal Goals
    Progress Adviser allows you to establish and track any formal goal that you choose. Districts can set formal goals for specific staff types or for all district employees. Schools can create formal goals to target specific school needs. Staff can add personal goals that are unique to their individual evaluation requirements.
    Formal Goals screenshot
    Any Standard screenshot
    Any Standard, Framework or Model
    Progress adviser allows you to track virtually any standard, framework or model that the district, school or individual staff is focusing on for their formal evaluation process.

    Whether your focus is state standards or another reputable source, our system allows you to incorporate virtually any combination of strategies so your formal process is complete and effective.
    Any Staff
    Progress Adviser is the only system that includes the entire school community in the formal process without the need to purchase an upgrade.

    Create formal goals, give feedback and determine professional development needs based on formal observations and self-analysis for all your staff; administration, certificated and classified.
    Any Staff screenshot
    Report screenshot
    Evaluation Summary Report
    Preparing evaluation summary reports has never been easier! OBSERVE employees in their work areas as often as you want and give instant feedback. REVIEW all observation data, graphs and comments stored in our online system. CUSTOMIZE the final summary report before printing and saving.

    No more shuffling through hard copies or copying and pasting from ad hoc templates! In three easy steps, our system makes your evaluations easier, faster and data driven!
  • Reporting
    Generate powerful data reports
    Progress Adviser lets you generate custom data reports for PLC and staff discussions.
    Immediate Feedback screenshot
    Immediate Feedback
    Gone are the days of "notes on the desk." Progress Adviser will give “immediate feedback” to all staff following the completion of a Walk-Thru.

    Turn this feature on to email the objective criteria selected during the Walk-Thru, along with all the comments generated by the observer, including peer reviewers and supervisors.
    Goal Report
    Our "Goal Report" allows you to compile data based on individual staff, grade, department, whole school and/or the district level.

    This report will generate a longitudinal graph based on the date range selected along with counts and averages.

    Additionally, users can analyze distinctive quantities tracked for each goal.
    Goal Report screenshot
    Comparison Report screenshot
    Comparison Report Builder
    Imagine a report that lets you compare district data against school data, multiple individual departments and a specific course. This is just one example of the hundreds of comparisons available with our Comparison Report Builder.

    Our "Comparison Report" allows you to generate powerful reports that compare any parameter over multiple date ranges.
    Frequency Report
    Our "Frequency Report" allows districts to review Walk-Thru activity that is happening at every site.

    Districts that set walk-thru expectations can use this report to follow up with their Administrative Team.
    Frequency Report screenshot
  • Resource Library
    Select, send and share strategic resources
    Resource Library
    Maximize coaching opportunities by linking custom resources to feedback.
    The Power of Linking screenshot
    The Power of Linking
    Progress Adviser allows you to link immediate feedback with strategic resources in your very own custom Resource Library. Our system helps you maximize individual coaching opportunities with every staff on your team.
    Select Your Resource
    PDFs, docs, spreadsheets, and more!

    Our system lets you select virtually any file, including media and web links, and link them to any goal or set of goals that you want to supplement or support. Now you can store, organize and manage your resources in your very own District and School Resource library, where you can always find them safely stored in the same place from any browser.
    Select Your Resource screenshot
    Send a Link screenshot
    Send a Link
    Say goodbye to email attachments!

    Progress Adviser allows you to send custom resource links with every Walk-Thru and Observation that you complete. Want to reinforce a particular CSTP? Send a link that highlights the Continuum of Teaching Practice. Want to target a specific engagement strategy? Send a link to the You Tube video that best demonstrates it in action. With one click, our system combines immediate feedback with strategic resources, creating powerful coaching opportunities!
    Share Online
    Open and review resources instantly!

    Progress Adviser lets each person open and review resource links instantly, right in their browser, and download, print or save them at their discretion. Now you can share resources online with anyone simply by sending them a link (or links) embedded right into their Walk-Thru or Observation feedback report.
    Share Online screenshot
  • Mobility: Online and Offline
    Measure growth from nearly anywhere
    Progress Adviser is mobile and easy to use. Available on the iPad App Store
    Progress Adviser on a Desktop Computer
    Desktop Computer
    Our system allows you to effectively measure growth from nearly anywhere.

    You can customize goals, organize staff and process reports all from your computer, anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection.

    Add or modify data, view or print reports for your next PLC discussions, or conduct a "self-review" straight from your desktop or laptop computer, it's that easy.
    Get ready to kiss your paper trail goodbye, because completing Walk-Thrus and Observations has never been so easy!

    With Progress Adviser, you can visit a classroom, enter data, and give immediate feedback straight from your iPad or tablet.

    Simply walk into a classroom, make your selections and comments and press submit. That’s it! You’re all done! And best of all, every Walk-Thru and Observation is saved and archived for you to review, compare, edit, or print at your discretion.
    Progress Adviser on an iPad/Tablet
    Progress Adviser on a iPhone/Mobile Phone
    Mobile Phone
    Don't have your iPad on you at the moment? No problem!

    Progress Adviser puts the power of a Walk-Thru or Observation right in the palm of your hand. With our system, you can just as easily perform a Walk-Thru or Observation from your iPhone or mobile phone.

    Now you can capitalize on those spontaneous moments when completing a Walk-Thru or Observation probably wouldn't happen otherwise. Simply login from your mobile phone and get quick access as you would on your tablet. It's that easy!
  • Support & Training
    Your Goal. Our Support.
    Support & Training
    Your Goal. Our Support.
    At Progress Adviser, we know that software is only as good as the service and support behind it. We believe that every customer contact is an opportunity for us to serve, as well as further improve our products and services. Whether you have a question or a problem, we're dedicated to providing you with the best possible support!

    For assistance with any support question or issue that you may have, please call or email us.
    Call: 1-877-WLK-THRU (955-8478)
    Email: Send us a Message
    At Progress Adviser, we don’t just support our system; we will train you how to use it! From getting started, to implementation, to working in the data, each of our training packages include instructors that can web conference in, or travel to your facility to engage your teams, making sure you have all the information you need to maximize our system.

    We offer several training modules that can stand alone or be bundled together at discounted rates:

    Training #1: “Getting Started”
    Time: 3.5 hours
    Recommended Audience: Any User Type (Administration, Certificated and/or Classified)
    Description: This training is designed to make using our system as easy as possible for you and your teams. During this training we will present a “Guided Tour” of our entire system. Participants will receive an e-copy of the “Getting Started” User Guide. Participants will understand how to add and remove departments, courses and staff, input custom goals and criteria, incorporate multiple strategies, perform a Walk-Thru, peer review and self review, run and save reports, edit and delete content, and more. Additionally, we dedicate time to facilitating and answering FAQ’s and identifying common practices that may be unique to your individual district and/or culture.

    Training #2: “Maximizing the Power of Progress Adviser”
    Time: 3.5 hours
    Recommended Audience: Administration and Teacher Leaders
    Description: Successful deployment of Progress Adviser requires strategic thought and initial engagement by the primary influencers. This training is designed to facilitate a time to do just that – Discover Your “North Star”, Define Your Culture, and Determine Your Goals. We will look to answer questions like: Where are we going and why? How do we want to get there? What will we do to get there? And more. With these questions answered, we will help you build out your entire system, district, departments, schools, courses and all custom goals and criteria so you can hit the ground running as quickly as possible.

    Training #3: “Diggin’ in the Data”
    Time: 3.5 hours
    Recommended Audience: Existing Progress Adviser Clients; Administration and Teacher Leaders
    Description: Progress Adviser is designed to give users the data that they need in a variety of different formats. Data is the backbone of making successful change in a school and district. We will work with your leadership teams to run specific reports to dig into the data to meet your local needs. Are you wanting to track the success of a new district initiative? Are you wanting to transition to the common core standards instructional practices? Are you wanting to collect data for a WASC report? You set the goal and we will help you maximize your data reports.
  • Facility Inspections
    Streamline your facility inspection process.
    Facility Inspections
    Streamline your facility inspection process.
    Flexible Goals
    Create custom facility goals or load a bank of pre-defined goals (sold separately) for data collection.

    Goals can be created for safety walk-thrus, playground equipment, pavement, grounds, cleaning expectations, and more.
    Flexible Scoring
    The criteria used for the walk-thrus is a user defined selection.  Choose a simple "yes/no" up to a tiered criterion from 1-5.

    In addition to the custom criteria, users always have the option to write specific comments/notes regarding any goal in the system.
    Reduce Paperwork
    By completing your walk-thrus online, all results are uploaded immediately and made available to supervisors for review.

    Reports are easy to generate and read.  Use this valuable data to create conversations and future plans.

    Multiple team members can conduct walk-thrus on different rooms simultaneously, with all results being uploaded as they’re completed without the need to manage or store individual documents.
    Facility Inspection Tool (FIT)- California Requirement
    Any custodial or maintenance staff can inspect every room in the district.  Use any wi-fi connected device or our IPAD app.

    Select a pre-determined score for each of the 15 areas of focus with a single tap of your finger, or leave a detailed comment that can help inform your work order process.

    Compile your FIT data into the State Facilities Inspection Tool (FIT) report and export the data to use for SARC, LCAP and Williams Compliance.
  • Surveys
    Gather valuable stakeholder feedback.
    Gather valuable stakeholder feedback.
    Stay in Touch
    Surveys offer a great way to give parents, faculty, and students a voice.

    Whether used to measure the effectiveness of district or state objectives, or in support of local initiatives, the survey component makes it easy to collect valuable feedback from your stakeholders.

    Publish the survey within Progress Adviser for use by faculty and staff, or share a link to the survey that can be accessed via any web browser.
    Ask the Important Questions
    In contrast with the walk-thru and observation component, surveys are entirely self-contained and are not dependent on pre-defined goal or criteria lists.

    Ask entirely new questions with each new survey, or use goals from your walk-thru, evaluation, or LCAP components.
    Define Your Criteria
    Surveys offer the most flexible question and answer system to date, allowing for multiple types of criteria within the same document.

    Define as many different criteria sets as you wish. Utilize a combination of True / False, multiple choice, and write-in responses within the same survey.
    Survey Report
    Survey Reports tally all of the data collected within the user-definable time period, sorting all answers by respondent type.

    Generate a report combining all of the data collected, or filter the data based on respondent type. Export as PDF or CSV file.
  • Compatibility
    Share data between and Progress Adviser. Compatibility
    Share data between and Progress Adviser.
    Synchronize Your Efforts
    Progress Adviser’s LCAP and SPSA components allow you to gather observational data using the Goals, Strategies, and Actions you’ve authored within

    Avoid duplicating your efforts by defining your LCAP-specific goals once and using them across both environments.
    Import Observational Data
    Use observational data collected within Progress Adviser in support of your LCAP Metrics requirements.
    Powerful Reporting Options
    Benefit from a full range of reporting options within the LCAP and SPSA components, including Goal Analysis and Frequency Reports.

Benefits of Progress Adviser

  • Web based system to track your district and school goals.
  • Two complete systems in one: Walk-Thrus and Evaluations.
  • Mobile access lets you log on with your mobile phone, tablet, computer, and iPad App.
  • Customized to local needs, district and school leadership guide the process.
  • Eligible for Categorical Funding: Title I, Title II, Title III and EIA.
  • Meets Federal and state guidelines for district progress monitoring.
  • Usable with a variety of programs like WASC, Explicit Direct Instruction, Fred Jones, etc.
  • Powerful data reports looking at systematic trends by grade level, department, school and district.
  • Helps with PLC's and Professional Development.
  • Includes Peer Observations and Self-Reviews as part of the feedback process.
  • Paper-free facility inspection, FIT compliant reporting.
  • Native integration with for both LCAP and SPSA content.
  • Survey functionality extends your ability to gather feedback and information from stakeholders.

Jeremiah Johnson
Director of Buildings and Grounds/Safety Coordinator Muskego-Norway School District

Jeremiah Johnson

“Progress Adviser has increased staff and community satisfaction as it relates to the cleanliness of our facilities. By using data driven methods we are able to identify our strengths and leverage opportunities to improve in a fact based fashion.”

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