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About Progress Adviser

Progress Adviser is the first and best Walk-Thru and Evaluation system that allows you to set your goals and track your progress on all levels including District, School, and Staff. Goals can be developed for a variety purposes including instructional strategies, professional development, lesson study, learning rounds, grant data requirements, facilities, WASC, LCAP, and more.

Founded in 2012, we have one passionate focus: supporting your efforts to integrate and track system-wide goals. We are a national company based out of Redding, California. Our team brings over 60 years of proven leadership in the educational professional development and business industries. We are nimble and responsive with minimal layers. When a customer calls, a support specialist answers.

Progress Adviser is built on a strong conviction to serve students: we do this by supporting their leadership. We believe the local leaders are the experts with knowledge of the student population, community, staff, and parents. Progress Adviser offers technology that is easy to use and dedicated support personnel to serve your team.

We look forward to beginning many new partnerships with Districts and Schools like yours!

Our Team

Patty Fuller, Support Manager

As Progress Adviser’s head of customer service, Patty is dedicated to ensuring that support requests are met with timely responses. Whether answering simple how-to questions or overseeing the onboarding process, Patty is committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience while ensuring that the user base has a voice within all aspects of company management.

Patty holds a BA in Management from Saint Mary’s College, Moraga, CA.

Nathan Noble, Lead Developer

Nathan Noble serves as Progress Adviser’s lead developer, overseeing all aspects of software development for the Progress Adviser web app, iOS app, and Nathan has a broad range of software development experience, having worked on software product and project/consulting teams ranging from GIS desktop applications to tablet and web business applications, developing primarily of late using the JavaScript, C#, SQL Server technology stack.

With a heart for user experience and a desire to steadily drive products towards ease of use and consistent performance, Nathan works daily to raise the standards of usability and reliability.

Todd Moegerle, Production Manager

Serving as a bridge between the development, support, and executive efforts of Progress Adviser, Todd’s role as Production Manager is aimed at joining the end user’s needs and experiences with the objectives and resources of Progress Adviser as a whole. In addition to his involvement with general product development, Todd oversees the custom development process; working with clients whose organizations require additions or modifications to the standard product lineup.

Todd has worked primarily within software or SaaS oriented businesses since 2003, with a focus on Quality Assurance and Customer Service.

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